/armonìa/: from ancient Greek proportion, link, connection, to agree. From the root AR-, which means to endorse, to unify, to arrange.
Armonia (Harmony) is the logic of being according to nature and life, and such so is also the dynamic to replicate creatively to unify our singularity to the holistic meaning of the world. Armonia is not only about aesthetics, but also ethics, law and spirituality, according to an organic vision of the relationship between nature and culture.
Tenuta l’Armonia is an agricultural project born in 2010 in Vicenza province, on the hills of Montecchio Maggiore. The aim is to enhance traditional grapes cultivated on 3 volcanic terroirs, according to the 3 principles of production.


There’s 8 wines in total, which tell every side of our terroir together with other quality agricultural products.


The agricultural process would have no meaning without a strong gastronomic connotation. Hence the need of another own brand: Armonia Gourmet, driven by our passion for pairings.


The expressiveness and the tension of the wine ij the glass is the product of a meticulous agricultural work. It follows the needs of the different terroirs in order to achieve the desired goals. Our cellar has always been focused on autoctonous varieties.
We apply many different agronomical practices, which are respectful and conscious of the natural necessities of the plants and of the soil, without using chemical products.
Organic and biodynamic principles are at the base of our agricultural view, but are also projected onto respectful modern practices.

Armonia Specialties!

Not only wine!
The agricultural care for the terroir is instilled also through the production of other quality products, which are expression of taste, tradition and sustainability.
  • Flours: the research for the production of a mix of modern and ancient wheat varieties for the creation of unique naturally fermented baking product.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the historical presence on the spot of many cultivars from Vicenza creates great potential for a delicate and perfumed EVO, in which the farm identifies itself a lot.
  • Vegetables garden: a small, straightly seasonal and sustainable production of vegetables with unique flavors, especially with traditional varieties such as “fiolaro” broccoli.
Our wines are born from the expression of the volcanic soil itself, which characterizes the area reading up to 550 m.a.s.l.,
scattered all over the Vicenza area, with different features according to the different spots.
That’s how we decided to tell the potentiality and the unicity of each plot.


Volcanic matrix with basalts, generates mineral and refreshing wines, slim and fruity both in the mouth and the nose. Here is where the POP Line is born.


Volcanic matrix with trachytes and tuff, full bodied wines which are suitable for the skin contact in amphoras. Especially the autoctonous Durello, creating the A+ Line.


Volcanic matrix with limestone and tuff, sapidity, acidity and fineness are fully expressed through single vineyard grapes from old vines (Vecchie Vigne Line). The line takes its name from these plants, also in this case we pay great attention to the autochthonous.